NuStair: Stair Tread

The NuStair System eliminates three lengthy and arduous steps typically involved in stair remodeling giving you a three hour head start over this old process!

Stair Remodeling the Old Way

In a typical 13 rise staircase, you’d have to:

Stair Refacing without Nustair Stair Tread Stair Refacing without NuStair Stair Fitters Stair Refacing without NuStair Stair Tread
Cut all the substrate or
framing noses off.
Cut, clean, and refill
all the mortise holes.
Then you’re left with all the
sawdust to clean up!

Details: Prior to NuStair, stair treads were typically 1″ thick by 11.5″ in depth and 36″-72″ in length. They were typically made of red oak with a bull nose. The installation of these older stair treads requires a tremendous amount of work in preparation of the original substrate framing. Depending on the situation, the existing stair treads may have to come out or the substrate nose on the framing needs to be removed. The latter situation is most common and requires a plunge cut with a circular saw in the middle of the stair tread. This can result in a kickback, cutting into existing fasteners, cutting into the existing substrate riser, and creating sawdust in the house. The blade frame also inhibits the saw from being able to make the cut all the way to the stringer. A fan blade or hand saw must then be used to complete the cut. Once the cut is complete, the mortise joint must be cleaned out and filled in with a wood compound. On a typical 13 rise staircase this process takes about 3 hours not counting the time to prepare the equipment! Furthermore, Boca code states that the rise of a staircase cannot vary by more than a 1/8th of an inch. Adding a 1″ tread above the floor and below the landing does not meet this criterion. Therefore, virtually every stair remodel job that has been done prior to NuStair Stair Fitter does not meet code!

Stair Remodeling the NuStair Way

Stair Remodeling Tools and Parts Stair Remodeling DIY Stair Remodeling DIY
Stair Remodeling DIY Stair Remodeling DIY Stair Remodeling DIY

NuStair is a very simple and subtle solution to the retread process. The NuStair treads come in two widths, 3/8″s and 5/8″s. The leading edge has a 1.5″ nosing and scotia molding that is permanently bonded to the body of the tread. The NuStair riser is 3/4″ thick and comes with 3″x 36″ poplar shims. The NuStair process eliminates all of the requirements described in the first Old Way paragraph above. Therefore we are now 3-4 hours ahead of the old system with no sawdust in the house or expense with wood fillers, saw blades (or medical bills). With NuStair you simply place the 3/4″ riser over the substrate riser to achieve a flush fit with the framing lip which extends out typically 3/4ths of an inch. In some cases the framing lip extends out further, in which case you just install the right depth of shims to keep the riser flush. The NuStair retread with the perpendicular 1.5″ nosing and scotia covers up the framing lip and the top of the riser cut.

Order NuStair Stair Tread and save another day!