NuStair: Stair Remodeling Glossary

NuStair Stair Fitter is the Do-It-Yourself stair refacing system that anyone can do, so we don’t expect you to be stair remodeling experts. Below are some stair parts and terms you may find useful in discovering why NuStair is the easiest, quality solution for your stair remodeling project.



A Baluster is a vertical member ( usually wood or iron) used to fill the open area between the railing and the tread or floor.

Bull Nose:

See Framing Noses.

Framing Noses:

The framing nose is the overlap of the framing tread hanging past the riser on the front of the step.

Iron Balusters:

Balusters fashioned from iron. See Balusters.

Mortise Holes:

Many treads are cut into or “mortised” in the load bearing stringers when originally manufactured. A Mortis Hole is the exposed hole left when you cut the nose off the existing tread and dig the remains of the tread out of the mortis- and – tenon joint.


Newels are structural, vertical posts used at the top and bottom of every stair case and at the point of all directional changes.


See Framing Noses.


The original stair overlay system where you don’t have to remove the frame nosing, it just fits right over your old or previously carpet stairs.


A riser is the vertical component that fits under the horizontal tread on a stair. The riser fills the vertical space between treads.

Scotia molding:

Scotia molding is the perpendicular molding piece that is permanently affixed on the front of a Nustair tread.

Scotia nosing:

See Scotia Molding.


A shim is a piece of wood that is included in the NuStair riser box. Use a shim between the old riser and the new riser to so that the new riser is flush with the existing nosing.


A side-stinger is the load bearing rafter type pieces that run down the sides of the risers and treads.

Stair Brackets:

A stair bracket is a decorative “L” shaped wooden piece that goes on the outside of the stringer on open staircases that covers up the exposed end of the riser.

Stair Caps:

Stair Caps is another term for the NuStair treads that cover the horizontal stair frame top.

Stair Covers:

See Stair Caps.

Stair Fitter:

“Stair Fitter” is a term used to describe the NuStair Installer or the NuStair installation technique.

Stair Facing:

See Stair Caps.

Stair Landing:

A stair landing is a larger area than a step that often is used to facilitate a direction turn in the rise of a staircase.

Stair Tread:

The stair tread is the horizontal part of the stair that you step on.


Substrate is the stair frame or carriage below the carpet or finished tread.


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