Stair Caps

What are stair caps?  Very simply, a stair cap is a prefabricated hardwoods stair cover that fits – or caps – over your existing stair.  The advantage of using stair caps to remodel your staircases is simplicity and time saved.  Stair caps are simple enough to do the job yourself, and they can typically be relied upon to reduce the time and labor required by at least 50%. 

Easy Stair Cap Installation

If you aren’t looking to do the job yourself, NuStair has partnered with many local stair remodeling professionals.  We know who does good work and would be more than happy to get you in touch with a stair cap professional today (at no charge). 

Call us at (717) 495-4132 to get your stair capping job started today. 

Thank you for choosing NuStair for your staircaps.