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5 Things That Make Your Staircase Unsafe

Your home’s stairs carry you from one level to another multiple times per day, getting you where you need to go. And, for the most part, you barely notice them. However, when your stairs aren’t in great condition or are unsafe, they can prove to be one of the more dangerous features of your home.

In fact, the National Safety Council reports that more than 39,000 people in the United States died – many on stairs – from falls in 2019. Among these, many deaths were in the older population.

Here are 5 things to keep an eye out for that make your staircase unsafe, no matter your age:

Poor Lighting

Dim lighting as a result of burnt-out or missing bulbs, low-wattage lights, or even non-existent lighting, can easily cause falls.

When it’s dark, it’s more difficult to see where the stairs are, and whether there are things you may trip on. And, if you have pets or children who can leave things on the staircase, these hazards added to low lighting make for dangerous conditions.

Learn how to effectively illuminate your entryway here.

Objects on the Stairway

Storing items on a staircase, even temporarily, is dangerous.

When you add objects to stairs, it leaves less room for you to move up and down the stairs, and can make using the handrail more difficult.

It’s important to keep your stairs free of any unnecessary objects, and certainly avoid decorating your stairs with items that can impede movement.

Missing or Damaged Steps

If your staircase has missing, loose, or damaged steps, or has carpeting that’s not tacked down properly, it can become a tripping hazard.

Routinely check your stairs to check if there are any loose treads, broken boards, or other structural issues that could be dangerous.

Slippery Steps are Unsafe!

Those granite stairs may look great, but they can be a huge slipping hazard if they’re even a little bit wet or if you’re wearing socks.

If you’ve got stairs made of slippery material, consider adding a non-slip surface to cover them and make them less of a danger.

Missing or Damaged Handrails

Handrails are used for added stability and safety, especially children, the elderly, or those with mobility issues.

If your handrails are missing, broken, or loose, they can’t properly do their job. In fact, a loose handrail could even prove to be a bigger fall hazard, as someone may put their full weight on the handrail only to have it break.

Like the stairs themselves, check your handrails often to make sure they’re in good repair and aren’t going to fall out of the wall.

DIY Staircase Remodeling System

If your stairs need a facelift or a safety makeover, look no further than NuStair. Our system is great for DIY-ers and professionals alike, giving you a refreshed, beautiful staircase for less cost, mess, and time commitment than fully renovating your staircase. Get a quote today!

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