Stair Covers

What are stair covers?  Very simply, a stair cover is a prefabricated hardwoods stair cap that fits – or covers – over your existing stair.  The advantage of using stair covers to remodel your staircases is simplicity and time saved.  Stair covers are simple enough to do-it-yourself, and they can be counted on to reduce the time and labor required by at least 50%. 

Easy Stair Cover Installation

If you’re not a do-it-yourselfer, NuStair has partnered with many local stair remodeling professionals.  We would be more than happy to get you in touch with a stair cover professional today (at no charge). 

Call us at (717) 495-4132 to get your stair remodeling job started today. 

Thank you for choosing NuStair for your stair covers.