NuStair: Testimonials & Reviews

We could go on and on about how affordable and easy the NuStair restore stair process can be, but don’t just take our word for it; read what our satisfied customers have to say! Whether you are a contractor or a do-it-yourself-er, we are confident that your experience with NuStair will be great! Don’t forget to send us your review or share a photo on our Facebook page after you are done restoring your stairs with NuStair stair treads!


NuStair Basement Staircase Remodel by Pamela

“I had my basement stairs done with NuStair. Very happy! [We hired] a professional installer. It took them one day AND they threw in two free handrails! They were friendly, courteous, reliable & very reasonable. Hard to find that type of company nowadays. They work in Philadelphia & New Jersey. Highly Recommend!

- Pamela O.

  NuStair Stair Remodel

“I’ve been using the NuStair products for a while now and I love this stuff. It’s such an improvement over putting flooring on the steps. I have used the red oak natural with oak risers, the red oak natural with white risers, and I’ve even had you guys do a custom color match to a cinnamon maple floor. I haven’t had a single problem with any of your products and you can’t say that about too many companies in this industry.

- Ken B.

NuStair Stair Remodel by Tracy
Replaced my carpeted stairs with Nustairs! I had hardwood floors installed on the lower level and chose the NuStair product for the stairs. I hired out the work to a professional that had all the right tools! (By the way, I made him watch your installation video before I would let him start.)”

- Tracy H.

    NuStair Staircase Remodel by Gary
Do It Yourself project with NuStair product: We used 12 x 12 ceramic tile cut in half to 6×12. They fit nicely in the 6 x 36 riser space with 1/2″ backer board behind them. There are 6 x 6 decorative tile every third riser. We installed all the tile risers by placing a 5/8″ spacer on the tread until the tile were set. The last step was to install all the tread.Worked out great.

- Gary


I love my stairs – best thing we have ever done! My brother is a contractor and this was his first time installing them. It went easy for being a first time install and dealing with my not-so-level house! Highly recommend this product!”

- Renee G.


“I recommend the NuStair system wholeheartedly and enthusiastically.Let me try and count the ways…” (See Eric’s full review and photos!)”

- Eric S.


“I wanted to drop you a note now that we are finished with our stair project. I am pleased to inform you everything went great. The stairs look beautiful, professional, solid and we (my wife and I) are so proud of the job we did. Your product was much better than I imagined and they covered our old ugly stairs perfectly.

I want to emphasize my lack of wood working skills and questionable competence at measuring and cutting with even close precision. Even I was capable of completing this stair project (with oversight from my wife) and they turned out very well. I have some pictures, and they look just like the ones in your brochure do. Can you believe that!? Just wanted to say thanks for your help, you made me look and feel good. We ordered just what we needed and had nothing left over except a couple of tubes of glue. No mistakes, no errors, no boards cut too short. Again, thanks for your help and quality products”

-Bruce S.


“What a simplified system for a once laborious process!”

- Yvonne S.

NuStair Staircase Remodel by Billy Blain

“I am finished! I think it turned out very nice. Your product is high quality and I enjoyed working with you. I may have another one to do. My son wants to do his. Thanks! Highly Recommend!

- Billy B.

  NuStair Staircase Remodel by Lynn Long

“Here are the completed stairs, that I am thrilled with! I will recommend the NuStair product to everyone!

- Lynn Long


NuStair Staircase Remodel by Billy Blain

“We really love the product and had a carpenter install them. He really thought this was a great product, too. Thanks again for all of your help! Highly Recommend!

- Laura M.


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