NuStair Stair Parts: Adjustable Staircase Balusters

NuStair Adjustable Iron Balusters


NuStair is proud to announce the release of yet another revolutionary new product. NuStair adjustable balusters, now in stock, bring the ease and elegance of NuStair stair treads now to your baluster. Available in iron and wood styles, simply order the quantity desired and trim to fit!


NuStair Adjustable Balusters Feature:

  • Adjustable balusters for fast, easy remodeling
  • Available in iron and wood styles
  • Iron – hardware fixed or angled
  • Wood – adjustable top block
  • One size, trim to fit



Adjustable Baluster Gallery

Adjustable Baluster Demo Video

Adjustable Baluster Installation Instructions Video

Baluster Installation Instructions:

Tools Needed: Pencil, tape measure, hack saw, power drill, allen wrench

  1. Begin by removing your old balusters.
  2. Carefully remove any nails or debris.
  3. Position baluster and mark the top and bottom.
  4. Measure .5″ below top mark for cut line.
  5. Measure 1.5″ above bottom mark for cut line.
  6. Secure and cut baluster with hack saw.
  7. Position top hardware and install with screws.
  8. Attach bottom and insert into top hardware.
  9. Position bottom hardware and install with screws.
  10. Tighten set screw with allen wrench.
  11. Tighten top set screw with allen wrench.
  12. Continue installation repeating the same steps.

Additional Baluster Installation Information:

  • Pre-drilling of hand rail and stairs may be necessary.
  • For stairs with angled base, use 2 adjustable pieces of hardware.