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What Should (And Shouldn’t) Be in Your Coat Closet

The coat closet by the front door is one of the most notoriously cluttered spaces in the house. Because of its easily accessible location, it tends to be the dumping ground for many things that aren’t coats and jackets. 

If you’re struggling to keep your coat closet organized, you’re not alone. Read on to discover 4 things you need in your coat closet and 4 things you should get rid of. 

Do Have

  • Baskets: Make the most out of limited shelf space with matching storage baskets. This will be the perfect place to store hats, gloves, and other items that are difficult to hang on their own.
  • Shelves and shoe racks: You can make the most out of a small space by increasing its surface area. Install shelves on empty walls and add shoe racks to the floor. You’d be surprised by the amount of organization you can cultivate with these easy improvements. 
  • Hooks: Similarly, installing hooks can be a great way to save space and keep everything where it belongs. Purses, backpacks, umbrellas, and other hangable items can fit neatly on the back of the closet door. 
  • Sturdy hangers: Hanging your coats and jackets is a waste of time if they don’t stay on the hangers after you walk away. Invest in sturdy, wooden hangers to keep your outerwear off the floor. Even better are the hangers that come with a slightly sticky spot on the arms. This will hold even the thinnest and most sheer of jackets. 

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Don’t Have

  • Out-of-season items: Is your closet full of thick winter coats in the middle of summer? Or flip flops in the bitter cold of winter? This is not only a waste of space, but it can make it difficult to find the stuff you actually want to wear. Rotate your coat closet seasonally to keep only the important stuff accessible. 
  • Flimsy or plastic hangers: Flimsy plastic or wire hangers are not ideal for keeping your closet organized. In addition, they’re usually an eye sore. Replace these old mismatched hangers with sturdier options. 
  • Toys or sports equipment: When your kids come in after playing outside, they may be in the habit of leaving their toys and sports equipment in the closet. While it’s convenient, these items just add to the clutter. Solve this problem by giving them a basket nearby to place their toys and put away later. 
  • Cleaning supplies: Cleaning chemicals not only clutter your space, but if they spill, they can ruin your clothes and shoes. Your utility closet and coat closet should be separate spaces. Keep cleaning supplies in the bathroom or kitchen closets instead.

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