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Top 4 Reasons People Sell Their Homes

There are a variety of reasons why people sell their home, but the top 4 reasons might surprise you… Divorce Job Relocation Bankruptcy CARPET ON YOUR STAIRS Luckily, with NuStair, the revolutionary stair retread system, you don’t have to suffer from the carpet on your stairs any longer! Easily transform…

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How Much Are Your Stairs Worth?

“A survey by the National Wood Flooring Association asked real estate agents about the impact of hardwood floors on homebuyers. Of the realtors interviewed, 82 percent said that homes with hardwood floors sold faster and often for more money. Hardwoods are easier than ever to care for and are a…

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New Video! How To Install Adjustable Balusters

You may have heard about the new Adjustable Balusters by NuStair? Is so, you know they are the latest revolution in DIY staircase remodeling. Our adjustable balusters come in both iron and wood and fit almost any staircase! To get an idea of how simple to install and how elegant…

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