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Healthy Stairs?

It might sound like a stretch to say NuStair is healthy… but actually it is! Especially to homeowners with allergies, sensitive immune systems or older homes. Over the years, carpets accumulate pounds of dust mites, dirt, pesticides, and other toxins brought into your home. Every time you take a step on these carpets, the hazardous chemicals and allergens are released into the air for us to breathe in.

Not only are old carpets harmful, but new carpets can be even more hazardous to your health! According to, “Many people love their indoor carpeting and look forward to having brand new wall to wall carpeting installed. Did you realize however, that no matter how clean you keep your rug, even if you steam clean it weekly, it is still highly toxic to you, your family and your pets? Over 60% of homes in the USA have carpeting. Carpets cover the floors of our business and schools. Children play for hours on them, infants crawl on them and breathe deeply of their fumes, proud homeowners inhale that ‘new-carpet smell’, and all the while we are being poisoned by the chemicals, allergens and toxic dust that lurks in our carpets.”

We know there are lots of ways to help rid your home of these harmful chemicals, including steam cleaning and vacuuming your carpets often, but even the most diligent home cleaners can’t remove all of the allergens. On top of that, have you ever tried vacuuming your stairs? It’s extremely difficult to do with any thoroughness. We think the best option would be to replace your carpeted stairs with hardwood stairs. These hardwood stairs are easier to clean, longer-lasting, and do not absorb particles nearly as easily as carpeted stairs.

Our hardwood stair refacing system that will eliminate the hazardous chemicals and dust mites present in carpeted stairs. They are easy-to-install, cost effective, elegant… And just think of the time you will save NOT vacuuming your stairs!

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