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How to Refinish Carpeted Stairs – Affordably & Easily!

Before After NuStair Remodel Process- Stair Parts and Refinishing

Your old carpeted stairs have seen better days. Between the worn patches where your feet always fall and the mystery stains that have been there for years, you’re looking to make your stairs more attractive and easier to clean. But doesn’t refinishing carpeted stairs mean you need to fully rebuild the substrate and structure of your stairs?

Not with the NuStair system! NuStair offers an affordable, easy-to-install stair refinishing solution for everyone! Learn how to refinish carpeted stairs with NuStair:

How to Refinish Carpeted Stairs with Nustair

1. Remove Carpeting and Prepare the Stairs

Before you can begin to make your stairs beautiful again, you must get rid of the old and ugly. Wearing gloves and a mask, carefully remove the carpeting from your stairs and dispose of it. Sweep or vacuum the stairs to remove any leftover debris before you prepare to install your NuStair system.

2. Trim All Stair Parts to Size

Carefully measure your stairs from the wall to the edge of the stair, and cut all pieces of your NuStair kit to size. Be sure to measure the riser shims, as well as the depth of the stair nose. For easy measuring, use the NuScribe tool. NuStair treads come in 36”, 42”, 48”, 60”, 70”, and 72”, so we have a size that’s right for you!

3. Install & Secure Stair Tread

Starting from the bottom stair, install the first stair tread using a full coat of urethane-based adhesive. Next, secure the stair tread by nailing the back edge. These nails will be covered by the padded riser later on.

4. Install Shims

Again using urethane adhesive, install the first set of shims, bracing the top shim on the bottom of the second stair. Nail the shims in place.

5. Install Risers

Apply adhesive to the shims and position the first riser, with the cut edge up and the factory edge against the shims. Nail the top of the riser only, as the nails will be covered by the overhang of the second tread.

6. Repeat for Remaining Stairs

Repeat steps 3-6 for all remaining steps, giving you a beautiful hardwood staircase at the end!

Note: Though NuStair was made with the DIY-er in mind, we understand that not everyone has the time or ability to complete a NuStair refinish alone. If you are interested in having one of our installation experts complete your carpeted stair refinishing project, contact us today and we will find someone in your area.

The Original Stair Refinishing System

Get beautiful hardwood stairs in no time at a fraction of the cost with the NuStair system. Our products are all American-made and crafted from only the finest of hardwoods. Order yours today!

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