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Introducing the NuStair Blog

2013 was a breakthrough year for NuStair and we wouldn’t have made it this far without you, our loyal customers.  We understand that most of you are homeowners who have made the hard journey to achieve that goal.  As such, you have skin in the game and are fully aware of the dangers of remodeling and contractors. I can relate to being anxious about turning you largest investment over to anyone who may harm it. The purpose of this will be blog to delve into some of the questions we hear most often, open a dialogue for DIYers and contractors alike and demonstrate the true superiority of NuStair over other inferior and, frankly, grossly diluted the versions on the market.

Since the very beginning we have not wavered in our resolve to develop and deliver the BEST staircase remodeling solution in the world. NuStair is and always will be made in the USA. Each tread is milled in Pennsylvania by the Amish rather that outsourcing to China like many of our competitors. Rather than big box stores,  NuStair is sold and installed only by local, independently owned, reputable flooring stores and lumber yards. With decades of stair remodeling and flooring experience, we know the stair business. We know how complex certain types of stair profiles can be have solutions for almost every one. We are not just looking to sell you a product, we want to be your personal project managers. 

The highest compliment we can receive is your choosing NuStair for you home. Thank you for your trust and loyalty to NuStair.

Steve Mott
Inventor of NuStair

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