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3 Reasons the NuScribe Will Be Your Best Friend

One of the questions we receive often from DIYers looking into remodeling their old staircase with the NuStair system is “Why should I buy the NuScribe?” NuStair was design to save time and money without sacrificing on the quality of your finished staircase, so why would we market an additional one-time-use tool just for this project? The answer is simple, we wouldn’t unless it made a HUGE difference! Today I’m going to give you 3 reasons the NuScribe will  be your best friend through this project.

Reason #1: NuScribe will prevent gapping

Even though NuStair saves hundreds, often thousands of dollars per staircase over traditional staircase replacements, we know that your new stair treads are a big investment.Cutting those treads down to the correct size for your staircase deserves your focus. The NuScribe helps to ensures that your finished product will look excellent without gapping between the wall and tread caused by over trimming your treads.  The NuScribe that acts like a slide rule. You will position it inside two stringers as shown, then lock down the arms and pull it off. You then position it on your tread, mark the measurements and cut your tread. You will repeat this process for each tread of your staircase.  This leads me to reason #2

Reason #2: Every tread has its own dimension

Yes. You read that right: EVERY tread. DIYers installing NuStair are often doing it for the first and only time in their own home. A common mistake beginners make retreading their staircase is to take meticulous measurement of one stair then assume the rest are the same. I am here to tell you, after 40 years in the industry, that they never are. The slide-rule-like function of the NuScribe allows you to quickly and efficiently measure each and every stair tread.   

Reason #3: No staircase is perfect no matter what the age of your home is

Whether your home is hundreds of years old or brand new, your staircase is not perfect.The NuScribe sits flush with the existing tread and provides as close to a perfect template as possible. The scribe also will serve as a guide to calling out imperfections that may exist that otherwise would not show up until after you made a cut.


Just like snow flakes, no two staircases are the same. NuScribe helps to navigate those differences, save time and deliver the best possible finished staircase for your home. If you have questions about the NuScribe or would like to share your experience, feel free to comment below.

Steve Mott
Inventor of NuStair

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