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The stairs look beautiful, professional, solid

I wanted to drop you a note now that we are finished with our stair project. I am pleased to inform you everything went great. The stairs look beautiful, professional, solid and we (my wife and I) are so proud of the job we did. Your product was much better than I imagined and they covered our old ugly stairs perfectly.

I want to emphasize my lack of woodworking skills and questionable competence at measuring and cutting with even close precision. Even I was capable of completing this stair project (with oversight from my wife) and they turned out very well. I have some pictures, and they look just like the ones in your brochure do. Can you believe that!? Just wanted to say thanks for your help, you made me look and feel good. We ordered just what we needed and had nothing left over except a couple of tubes of glue. No mistakes, no errors, no boards cut too short. Again, thanks for your help and quality products.

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