The Revolution is Here – Are Your Stairs Ready?

Turn your old carpeted stairs into beautiful, lasting hardwood in just 1 day!

NuStair is the revolutionary do-it-yourself stair refacing system that fits right over your old previously carpeted stairs! It eliminates the necessity to remove the nosing from your original staircase, saving time and saving your home from sand and sawdust in every corner!

NuStair originated and patented this stair remodeling method. It is a straightforward and simple process that can usually be completed in about one day. It works for both closed staircases as well as open sided staircases and meets all building codes requirements.

All NuStair parts are made in the USA and come with a Lifetime structural warranty! We stock a wide range of colors and species and will even custom match your new treads to your existing hardwood if needed!

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Save time.  Save trees. Save money. 

Let us teach you how to refinish carpeted or wood stairs!